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Yusef Tpalour served as Chief of Staff to Supreme Commander Lin Pao in the first battle of the FPA-Imperial War, against the Imperial fleet led by Grand Duke Herbert. This first battle ended with the overwhelming victory of the FPA fleet.

During the Battle of Dagon, Tpalour was still in his 30s, meaning that he was born in the mid-to-late 600s.

Tpalour was known as a stringent man who however strongly disliked to work hard, an constantly griped about work. In many ways a cold, to-the-point man, he was also a superb mind called by some a 'walking computer'.

Like Lin Pao, Tpalour was promoted to Fleet Admiral at the age of 40, a feat unrivaled until Bruce Ashbey was posthumously granted the rank in IC 437 / UC 746, at the age of 36.

Also like his former commander, Tpalour retired to a quiet life after retiring from the military. He never entered politics.