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The 730 Mafia, upon graduation from the Officer's Academy.

The Year 730 Mafia was the name given to a small, close-knit group of officers in the Free Planets Alliance military who came to dominate both the political and social spotlite for several years during the FPA-Imperial War. This name was given them over the fact that the entire group graduated in UC 730. Centered around the famed tactician Bruce Ashbey, the members of the Year 730 Mafia became celebrities, and their victories on the field of battle would serve as an inspiration for the following generation of soldiers.

By UC 745, all of the 730 Mafia had achieved greatness, with Ashbey being Commander of the Space Fleet, Rosas as the Space Fleet Chief of Staff, and the others each commanding one of the FPA numbered fleets. As a group, they thus could call upon roughly half of the FPA's space forces, and were arguably in control of the Star Fleet's overall strategy by the 740s.

Year 730 Mafia[]

  • Bruce Ashbey (710-745)
  • Frederick Jasper (710-771)
  • Wallace Warwick (710-766)
  • John Drinker Cope (710-751)
  • Vittorio di Bertini (710-745)
  • Fang Tchewling (710-773)
  • Alfred Rosas (710-788)

The strong ties between members of the Year 730 Mafia began to unravel shortly before the Second Battle of Tiamat, due in large part to the growing egoism of their leader, Bruce Ashbey. Following the death of Bruce Ashbey during FPA's resounding victory at the Second Battle of Tiamat, the Year 730 Mafia disbanded.