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The Yang Fleet Goes Out "Yan Kantai Shutsudō" (ヤン艦隊出動)

  • Legend of Galactic Heroees OVA Episode 019


Andrew Fork is released from the Hospital. Fork attempts to assassinate HQ chief Kubersly. Reinhard decides to lead the main fleet against Geiesburg while Kircheis, helped by vice-admirals Lutz and Wahlen, will take control of the other areas. Meanwhile, in the Free Planets Alliance, a military uprising begins (April 3, 797 S.C. / 488 I.C.). In Heinessen, a military coup overthrows the High Council (April, 13): the National Salvation Military Council, led by admiral Greenhill, suspends the democratic institutions. Trüniht goes into hiding. Yang decide to fight for democracy : the 13th Fleets leaves Iserlohn (April, 20) while the 11th Fleet goes out to stop it.

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