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The second emperor of the Galactic Empire in the Goldenbaum Dynasty, Sigismund I ascended to the throne at the age of 25. As Rudolph von Goldenbaum's only son, born to his mistress, was rumored to have suffered from a congenital birth defect, Sigismund, son of Rudolph's eldest daughter, was named emperor.

Sigismund I's father, Prince Joachim von Neue Stauffen, served as the second emperor's chief of staff.


At the begining of his reign, massive democratic rebellions errupted across imperial territory. The people saw Rudolph von Goldenbaum's death as a sign to reclaim the liberties they had lost when the Empire was created. But the powerful infrastructure of nobility, military and bureaucracy supporting the Goldenbaum Dynasty was more than a match for the rebels, and led by Joachim von Neue Stauffen, they brutally supressed the revolts, firmly establishing the Galactic Empire as a force that would not waver.