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Sebastian von Musel was the father of Reinhard von Lohengramm and Annerose von Grünewald, and a member of the lesser nobility.


Family life[]

Very little is known about the life of Sebastian von Musel: though a nobleman. He was married to Caribelle von Musel, who who died in a car accident shortly after the birth of Reinhard von Musel. he demanded an apology but did not get one after that he fell in to depression and eventually alcohlism.

At one point, Sebastian's poverty forced him to move to an old home in a middle-class neighborhood, where both of his children became acquainted with the next-door Kircheis family. The youngest (and only) son of that family, Siegfried Kircheis, became a life-long friend of Reinhard.

Selling his daughter[]

One day a high nobleman happened to see Annerose von Musel on a public street, and took notice of her. Rumors of Annerose's beauty soon reached the Imperial Court, and it was decided that she would be brought to the Imperial Palace to serve as consort to the emperor--Kaiser Friedrich IV. Sebastian von Musel was given a large sum of money in return for selling his daughter into a life of sexual servitude. When confronted about these actions by his son, Sebastian said: "I can't refuse, so at least I got some money."

This event outraged Reinhard, and he became deeply estranged from his father. Sebastian, meanwhile, consumed with guilt for his actions drowned himself in alcohol.

Estrangement and death[]

When Reinhard was old enough, he left his home for the Odin Imperial Officer Academy, and it is implied that he never spoke to his father again after leaving home. It is unknown whether or not Sebastian had much, if any, contact with his daughter after she went to Neue Sanssouci.

On his son's 21st birthday, Reinhard was given special permission by Kaiser Friedrich IV to assume the long-defunct noble name of "Lohengramm." On that day, Reinhard became Reinhard von Lohengramm and severed all ties he had with his father.

Sebastian von Musel died shortly thereafter related to his excessive drinking & carousing. Reinhard did not attend the funeral, despite his sister's wish that he do so and his only grief in the loss was in seeing the sorrow of his sister.