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The Rosen Ritter (Japanese: 薔薇の騎士) , literally translates from German as Rose Knight, and formally as Knight of the roses. per the germanic roots of the members in the Rosen Ritter where flowers have many meanings and intentions

The Rosen Ritter were a special combined arms infantry Regiment (1,000 to 5,500 Men) in the Free Planets Alliance military, comprised of armored companies and infantry companies and other units, and composed exclusive of former-Imperial citizens and their children, a large majority of germanic descent, with a few minority of Danish and African descent. Though renouned for their exceptional combat ability, the Rosen Ritter were never truly trusted by their Alliance comrades, a distrust not helped in the least by the many former Rosen Ritter commanders who betrayed the FPA in order to return to their homes in the Empire. Of the 13 regimental commanders before Walter von Schenkopp, four died in battle against the Empire; two were promoted to flag officers and later retired; and six betrayed the FPA and went back to the Galactic Empire.

The 13th Fleet[]

The Iserlohn Infiltration[]

When the 13th Fleet was formed after the battle of Astate, the regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter, Walter von Schenkopp, caught Yang Wenli's eye. Yang then had the Rosen Ritter transferred to the 13th Fleet, under his command. Despite rumors that Schenkopp, too, would betray the Alliance, Yang Wen-li decided to trust him completely, and to use the Rosen Ritter as the crux of his plan to capture Iserlohn Fortress. Yang Wen-li said, "If he turns traitor, they'll say I was no judge of character. The 'one man hero' will disappear from this world."

At the Fifth Battle of Tiamat, Walter von Schenkopp, led the Rosen Ritter, including Kasper Lintz and Linier Blumart, on an infiltration mission onto Iserlohn Fortress. Pretending to be wounded Imperial officers, they managed to infiltrate Iserlohn's command center and seize it by taking Imperial admiral Thomas von Stockhausen hostage. Once they took control of the command center, they allowed the 13th Fleet inside the fortress. While Yang Wen-li convinced the Iserlohn Fleet commander, Hans Dietrich von Seeckt, that the fortress had already been completely pacified by his forces, the Rosen Ritter swept through the fortress, fighting off the remaining Imperial forces in brutal hand-to-hand combat.

The Rosen Ritter went on to fight in many other battles including the Alliance Civil War and the Fall of the Alliance, transitioning from a combined arms Regiment into a fully infantry-only unit, from there the Rosen Ritter chosed to side with the Iserlohn Republic, by then the Famous Regiment was already low in numbers and the fact that Iserlohn lacks any training Facilities meant their numbers wont grow. The Rosen Ritter finally met it's end in the Battle of Shiva onboard the Brunhild , in which what's left of the Regiment being deployed on three Strike ships numbering nearly 600 men, losing 400+ in mere seconds when the Brunhild fired its broadside guns destroying two strike ships, the remaining strike ships boarded the Flagship and after a few hours of bloody combat across the Battleship, the Regiment was wiped out along with their officers after heavy fighting with the Imperial Ship's security and Panzergrenadiers and foot soldiers stationed onboard. It is unknown what becomes of the survivors.

"As a close combat squadron formed from children of Imperial exiles they have unmatched skill in battle, but no fleet can control them."

-Admiral Alex Cazelnu

Gear and Equipment[]

The Rosen Ritters are the most unique fighting force in the Alliance, armed with standard laser rifles and pistols and heavy ordnance of in the Alliance arsenal, and is the only Military unit to utilize vacuum rated Power armor and more barbarically, Tomahawk axes and knifes and circular combat shields.

as a Combined arms regiment, the Rosen Ritters had access to armored vehicles and tanks, used heavily in the Battle of Van-Fleet which saw heavy losses of the Rosen Ritter. other vehicular assets include hoverbikes used againts invading imperial troops on the surface of Iserlohn fortress, and strike ships which was used heavily to capture Iserlohn fortress, and to breach the battleship Brunhild.

Despite equipment superiority over standard Alliance troops, they are of a perfect match with imperial forces, especially trained ones, and due to the Alliance struggling immensely under heavy debt and technological setbacks, one biggest example being their power armor is weaker, pierced easily by rifle shots and even from a hit by a rifle axe.