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Located in the Sirius Starzone, Rondolina is the sixth planet in the system, and the only habital world in the starzone. Historically part of Rudolph von Goldenbaum's Galactic Empire, Rondalina was once the center of a revolutionary movement that succeeded in toppling an Earth dictatorship.


CE 2682[]

  • Disgruntled colony worlds protest disproportionate representation in Humanity Congress, interference in local administration and unfairly high taxes. The Humanity Congress is organized so that the people of Earth will always have a majority over the colony worlds.
  • In response to public criticism of unfair congressional represnetation, the Earth Unity Government uses the colony of Sirius as a scapegoat, claiming that the Sirius government is spreading subversive propaganda in an effort to seize control of the nation.

CE 2685[]

  • Earth's denunciation of Sirius ends up galvanizing the opposition. The disgruntled colonies secede from the Humanity Congress, forming their own Sirius Congress. The Sirius Congress then begins building up its military power in preparation for a confrontation with Earth.

CE 2689[]

  • Earth attacks the colony on Sirius VI, Rondolina, to supress the dissident movement. The Earth soldiers become increasingly undisciplined as the occupation of Rondolina wears on, culminating in a massacre of civilians at the city of Laglane.

CE 2703[]

  • The lack of discipline among the Earth Fleet allows the much smaller "Black Fleet" of the Sirius Congress to win a series of decisive victories.

CE 2704[]

  • The Black Fleet established a blockade around the inner planets of the Sol system. After two months of blockade, the Black Fleet assaults Earth, killing most of the starving population and devastating the planet's surface.

CE 2706[]

  • Carl Palgrem, the leader of the Sirius Congress Revolution, dies of a heart attack.
  • Following the death of their leader, the Revoluationary Congress dissolves. The various rebel colonies then fight among each other for control, eventually fragmenting into a number of independent city-states.