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The Rio-Grande was a heavy battleship of the Patorkolos-class.

Military Service

The fourth ship of the (Slightly changed) Patorkolos design, the Rio Grande was a massive command ship that participated in most of the major battles of the FPA-Imperial War. It managed to survive both the Third and Fourth Battles of Tiamat, and was instrumental in the Allied defense efforts against the Imperial invasion through the Phezzan Corridor (Operation Ragnarok). The Rio Grande was finally destroyed at the Battle of Mar-Adetta Starzone when the crew chose to be destroyed rather than surrender to Reinhard von Lohengramm's fleet.

Mechanical Details

Length: 1159 meters.

Width: 358 meters.

Height: 201 meters.

Armament: 32 forward cannons; 52 port cannons; 52 starboard cannons.


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