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This article is about the political entity. For the planet, see Phezzan (planet).

The planet Phezzan in Imperial Year 487.

An autonomous dominion existing within the Galactic Empire, but allowed to self-govern. Phezzan served as a neutral party in the FPA-Imperial War, allowing for trade between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance despite the hostilities.


Phezzan had a series of five Landesherrs appointed beginning with Leopold Laap and ending with Walenkov and Adrian Rubinsky before the Galactic Empire.

Economic Trade[]

In an effort to remain a significant enough part of the balance of power between the Free Planets Alliance (Entity) and the Galactic Empire (Entity), Phezzan engaged in economic activity in both spheres.

Around the time of the first capture of Iserlohn Fortress by Yang Wen-li, they had founded Universe Finance in the FPA and were in the midst of acquiring a majority stake of ownership in Santa Cruz Line. Meanwhile, in the Galactic Empire (Entity), they had three dummy corporations which owned an 84% stake in an agricultural development project in the Seventh Frontier Stellar Region and they were involved with Ingolstadt's metallic radium factory.

During the FPA–Imperial War, they owned over half of the war bonds issued by both sides.