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Ovlesser (Japanese: オフレッサー) was a high admiral, armored grenadier commander, and noble of the Galactic Empire. During the Imperial Civil War, he fought under the Lippstadt Alliance at Rentenberg Fortress.

Pre-Lippstadt career[]

Ovlesser had attained the rank of high admiral at some point prior to Reinhard von Lohengramm's return from the Battle of Astate in early 487, and was present for his promotion to Imperial Admiral. As a flag officer and noble, he was on familiar terms with high-ranking members of the Imperial Navy, including Gregor von Mückenberger and Willibald Joachim von Merkatz; he confided in the former that he believed Lohengramm's success at Astate was simply coincidence. (LOGH: "Empire's Afterglow")

Imperial Civil War[]

Following Vice Admiral Staaden's loss to Marquis Lohengramm's forces and subsequent retreat to Rentenberg, Lohengramm sought to take the fortress, and placed Admirals Mittermeyer and Reuenthal in charge of securing its nuclear fusion reactor. In order to gain access to the reactor, the admirals sent infantry through passage #6, where they met with defeat at the hands of Ovlesser. In total he repelled eight separate attempts to break through the passage.

This resulted in a brief withdrawal, but eventually the two admirals were able to subdue Ovlesser by trapping him in a pit dug into the floor of the passage, and ultimately the fortress was secured.

At the suggestion of his advisor, Paul von Oberstein (who had hoped to provoke unease and suspicion amongst the Lippstadt nobles), Lohengramm provided Ovlesser with a ship and allowed him to return to Geiersburg Fortress, from which the Lippstadt forces were being coordinated. There, he met with Prince Otto von Braunschweig, who accused Ovlesser of treachery and ordered his execution. After a short altercation with the Prince's guards, Ovlesser was shot and killed by Commodore Ansbach. (LOGH: "Bloodshed in Space")