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Otto von Braunschweig was an Imperial High Noble, who married a daughter of Kaiser Friedrich IV. Otto von Braunschweig was also uncle to Baron Flegel.

Political Career[]

The Klopstock Incident[]

In Imperial Year 786, Otto von Braunschweig held a birthday party for his wife, Elizabeth von Goldenbaum. Elizabeth's father, Kaiser Friedrich IV, was expected to attend the party. The disgraced Imperial Marquis Klopstock presented Prince Braunschweig with a magnificent portrait of Rudolf von Goldenbaum, and in return Braunschweig allowed Klopstock to attend the party, ostensibly so that the Marquis could entreat Kaiser Friedrich IV to allow his grandchildren back into the Imperial Court. Presumably, Braunschwieg would gain the obligation of the marquis for any future favors.

Thirty years prior, Klopstock had support Clementz von Goldenbaum as Kaiser, rather than Friedrich IV. In retaliation, Marquis Klopstock and his entirely family were banished from the Imperial Court. It was NOT the kaiser who banished Klopstock, but the kaiser's retainers who used the kaiser's name to banish Klopstock. The Marquis gained entry to the party by begging Braunschweig to help him convince the Kaiser to allow his grandchildren to return to the Imperial Court. Otto von Braunschweig agreed.

The night of the party, Marquis Klopstock prepared an explosive device disguised as a cane, and timed it to explode at 7:00pm, shortly after Kaiser Friedrich IV's expected arrival. When Klopstock left the estate, Siegfried Kircheis (who had not been allowed inside due to his common birth) noticed that he had left the cane inside. En route to the party, Friedrich IV developed a stomachache (possibly, he drank too much) and decided not to attend the party.

Suspicious of the missing cane, Siegfried Kircheis attempted to enter the estate but was not initially allowed inside. Braunschweig's aide, Commodore Ansbach, offered to summon Reinhard von Lohengramm to the door, but the can exploded before he could do so. Fortunately, moments before the explosion, the cane had been removed from the main ballroom, preventing the deaths of Reinhard von Lohengramm, Magdalena von Westfalen, Baron Flegel and Otto von Braunschweig.

Marquis Klopstock learned of his failure to kill either Braunschweig or Friedrich IV and set his home on fire, killing himself. The Imperial security forces there to arrest Klopstock, led by captain Anton Ferner, refused to douse the flames because there was a statue of Rudolph von Goldenbaum in front of the gate: to break through would be to disrespect to first Kaiser.