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The thirty-fifth Kaiser of the Goldenbaum Dynasty.

In Imperial Year 457, Kaiser Otofried V ordered the construction of Iserlohn Fortress.

Known for being very careful with the empires money, he was a very thrifty person. When it became apparent that Iserlohn Fortree would be drastically over budget, Otofried V had the man in charge of construction take responsibility with his own life: he committed suicide dispite kasier saying he would be forgiven.

In Imperial Year 452, Otofried V's eldest son, Crown Prince Richard von Goldenbaum IV, was implicated in a plot to assassinate Kaiser Otofried V, and executed. Later that year, it was discovered that Richard had been innocent, and his younger brother, prince Clementz von Goldenbaum had framed him. Clementz died in an accident while attempting to flee to the Free Planets Alliance.

Otofried V died later that year, passing on the throne to his youngest son, Friedrich von Goldenbaum IV.