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The Brunhild firing a nuclear fusion missile at the Battle of Legnica

Nuclear explosive devices are the most powerful weapons in existence, and are commonly used in space combat between fleets. Use of nuclear weapons on habited planets has been taboo,

Planetary Bombardment Missiles[]

The most destructive form of nuclear weapon, planetary bombardment missiles are designed to be used with the atmospheres of inhabited planets. Essentially an evolution of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, these weapons are very rarely used because of their highly destructive nature.

Warp Missile[]

An advanced type of planetary bombardment missiles, warp missiles were developed by the Goldenbaum Dynasty toward the end of its reign. Capable of using warp drive, these missiles were able to strike targest across vast interstellar distances, virtually undetcted. Incredibly powerful, even a single warp missile can completely wipe out an entire city.

== Anti-Ship Torpedos==

Though warships primarily use powerful laser cannons to fight each other, they are also equipped with a number of power anti-ship torpedoes, each one containing either multiple fission warheads, or a single nuclear fusion device.

These missiles are primarily used for medium-range space combat, their use as a planetary assault weapon being uncommon, if not outright illegal. Their small size and destructive ability make them excellent weapons in the vastness of space: despite being much slower and less accurate than laser fire, powerful ECM makes them hard to defend against, and their large blast radius tends to score more kills than typical laser bombardment.

Warp Missiles[]