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Lin Pao was the Supreme Commander of the Free Planets Alliance fleet in the first battle of the FPA-Imperial War.

Born in the 600s, Lin Pao was known as a shameless womanizer who loved to drink, as well as being a gourmand. These traits were viewed in a negative light by the nearly ascetic FPA leadership of the time. He was, however, also known as a genius strategist.

He held the rank of Admiral during the Battle of Dagon.

In IC 331 / UC 640, he fought the first fleet battle of that war against Grand Duke Herbert. Herbert's fleets were soundly beaten, and the Grand Duke himself was killed. In the battle, Lin Pao was aided by chief of staff, Yusef Tpalour. The two proved to complement each other very well.

Lin Pao was promoted Fleet Admiral at the age of 40, a feat rivaled only by Tpalour himself, and unsurpassed until IC 437 / UC 746, when Bruce Ashbey was posthumously promoted to the same rank.

After his military service, Lin Pao retired to a quiet civilian life and spent the rest of his days firmly away from political circles.

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