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In Imperial Year 487, prince Oigen von Kastrop died, leaving his son Maximilian von Kastrop rulership over the planet Kastrop, along with considerable funds that he had embezzled from the Galactic Empire during his time as Treasury Secretary.

Upon Oigen's death, Kaiser Friedrich IV demanded that Maximilian return a portion of the money his father had stolen. Maximilian von Kastrop refused, and Friedrich IV dispatched an Imperial Fleet of 3000 warships to Kastrop under the command of Admiral Schmude to force his compliance.

The Kastrop fief lacked a strong military force--it had no fleet of its own with which to counter the Imperial Forces. Maximilian von Kastrop, however, had used his illegal inheritance to purchase an "impregnable" defense--the Artemis Necklace. The Artemis Necklace utterly anihilated the Imperial Fleet, greatly embarassing Goldenbaum Empire.

Kaiser Friedrich IV then ordered newly-promoted Imperial High Admiral, Reinhard von Lohengramm, to defeat the Artemis Necklace and end the rebellion. Reinhard openly expressed disdai for the task, implying that it was beneath him. Instead, he ordered rear admiral Siegfried Kircheis to the Kastrop system with a fleet of 2000 ships and orders to supress Maximillian's revolt.

Taking advantage of the fact that the defense satellites had relatively weak gravitational attractions, Siegfried Kircheis used a number of Engineering Ships to spread highly-volatile Zephyr Particles around the Artemis Necklace. When the satellites opened fire on the Imperial Fleet, they ignited the gas and were destroyed.

With Kastrop's defenses neutralized, Siegfried Kircheis requested the rebels surrender, promising them leniency. Maximilian von Kastrop, however, intended to use his retainers to escape--to build a path out of their lives, so to speak. His own retainers then murdered Maximilian en masse, and surrendered to the Imperial Fleet.

Maximilian von Kastrop was the only casualty of the revolt.