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Julian Mintz (Japanese: ユリアン・ミンツ) was the adopted ward of Yang Wen-li, and a soldier of the Free Planets Alliance.

Julian was the protege of several of the Yang Fleet's senior officers including Olivier Poplan and Walter von Schenkopp.

It was Julian, as part of a relief force, who found Yang's body and he was later persuaded that it was his responsibility to break this news to Frederica Greenhill, Yang's wife. Despite being only 18 and a mere Lieutenant, Junior Grade Julian was selected as military commander of the Yang Fleet after the death of his guardian.

As commander of the Iserlohn Republic's military, Julian proved himself as a strategist and a tactican. At the Battle of Shiva he successfully penetrated the much larger Imperial fleet and led a boarding party onto the Brunhild. Julian reached the Kaiser early in the morning of 1 June 801 SC and impressed Reinhard with his determination and eloquence such that when Julian collapsed Reinhard ordered a ceasefire, feeling that he could negotiate as an equal with Iserlohn.


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