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Juan Lebello was a politician in the upper-echelons of the Free Planets Alliance government. Unlike his peers, he had a reputation for being an honest and reasonable man.


Juan Lebello served as the Secretary of the Treasury in the Free Planets Alliance Supreme Council under Cornelia Windsor's Administration. Although most of that administration was voted out of office due to the disasterous invastion of the Galactic Empire, Juan Lebello was able to maintain his career in public office, thanks in no small part to his having voted against the invasion.

After the FPA Civil War was resolved, Juan Lebello returned to government duty, this time serving as Secratary of the Treasury under the administration of Job Truniht.

Juan Lebello was also one of the few political allies (and a friend) of Yang Wenli within the government. Lebello frequently discussed politics with Yang Wenli whenever Yang visited Heinnesen.

Farmous quotes[]

"Until Rudolph von Goldenbaum got his hands on power, even if he was rather self-righteous, perhaps he was no more than a reformer burning with ideals and conviction. That changed completely once he had authority. He traveled the road from simple self-affirmation to self-deification."