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A consummate politician, Job Truniht headed a corrupt administration throughout the final days of the Free Planets Alliance. Though democratically elected, Job Trunhit used fear to maintain his power--fear of the Galactic Empire, and fear of his own secret police, the murderous Patriotic Knights Corps.

Secratary of Defense

Before the coup d'etat, Truniht sat as the elected secretary of defense. His party is pro-war, so he pressed for the battles at Astate, Tiamat, and Iserlohn. He opposed the FPA invasion of the empire for unknown reasons. When he asked Yang Wen-li what is the best strategy to win a war, Yang simply responded that a war must be won before being fought, and that 6 times the manpower of the enemy was enough to make up for deficiencies in any tactics. This upset Truniht, because his own reasons for warfare served his personal gain rather than defeat of the empire. In retaliation, he requested that Yang Wen Li be sent in the 2nd Fleet to engage Admiral Lohengramm. To add insult to injury, he only authorized a force twice the size of the imperial fleet, rather than 6 times. Upon the conclusion of Astate, he spun the defeat as victory for the reason the FPA fleet survived at all.

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