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Jessica Edwards was a peace activist and politician, and the widow of Jean Robert Lappe.

Early life[]


At a school party she was asked to dance by Yang Wenli, who stumbled and stepped on her toes repeatedly. Though attracted to Yang Wenli's bumbling nature, Jessica chose to play "hard to get," and accepted Jean Robert Lappe's invitation to dance, hoping that Yang would ask her again. He never did.

Eventually, Jessica Edwards would marry Jean, though she would never concieve a child.

In SE 487, Jean Robert Lappe was killed in action at the Battle of Astate. Filled with grief and anger, Jessica Edwards publically confronted then Secratary of State Job Truniht at a speech commemorating the war dead. She demanded to know where Truniht was when Jean, and so many of his comrades, were slaughtered by the Imperial Fleet.

After being removed from the hall by security, Jessica was assaulted by the Patriotic Knights Corps (or PKC), so sought to assassinate her for sedition against the government. Yang Wenli, having seen Jessica's outburst on television, correctly guessed that her life would be in danger and managed to rescue her.

Yang Wenli took Jessica Edwards to his estate, thinking she would be safe there, but the house was soon assaulted by the Patriotic Knights Corps. Yang managed to successfully drive off the PKC, and then approached Job Truniht. Though he refused to directly agknowledge his control over the PKC, Truniht did agree to spare Jessica's life.

Political career[]

Jean Robert Lappe's death, and her experience with the PKC drove Jessica to join the Peace Party, and directly work toward ending the war. In SE 487, her home, Thernusen City, held a special election for a seat on the national legislative council. Jessica was a key campaign official in James Thorndike's candidacy. Unfortunately, Thorndike was murdered by the PKC. This attack, however, had the unintended consequence of swinging pulbic support away from the War Party candidate, Raymond Togliatti, back to the Peace Party. With Thorndike dead, Jessica took his place and was elected to the council in a landslide.


In ###, FPA Admiral Dwight Greenhill led a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government, installing himself as military governor over the capital planet Heinessen. Jessica Edwards led a protest demonstration against the military government at a stadium in the capital city. She was shot and killed when the military police opened fire on the protestors, killing a total of nearly 20,000 civilians.