Personal warship of Allied Fleet admiral Yang Wenli. The Hyperion was the thirteenth warship constructed by the Free Planets Alliance based on the Patoroklos design.

Military ServiceEdit

Command of the Hyperion was given to Yang Wenli following the Battle of Astate, as the flagship of the newly-formed 13th Fleet. The Hyperion was instrumental in the capture of Iserlohn Fortress, and in the Liberation of Heinnesen in the FPA Civil War. The Hyperion grew to symbolize Yang Wenli's unpredictable, military genius--the very sight of this ship would inspire her Imperial enemies to fear and confusion. During the Battle of Shiva, the Hyperion came under a heavy barrage from the Bittenfeld Fleet and was destroyed, along with Admiral Merkatz who was onboard.

Mechanical DetailsEdit

Length: 911 meters.

Width: 284 meters.

Height: 144 meters.

Armament: 32 forward cannons; 40 port cannons; 40 starboard cannons.


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