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Henrique Olibeira, full name Henrique Martino Borges de Arantes e Olibeira, was the National Defense Chairman in the Truniht Administration, following the end of the FPA Civil War.

Yang Wen-li hearings[]

Some time after the FPA Civil War, Henrique Olibeira convened secret (and illegal) hearings into the war-time actions of Yang Wenli when he liberated Heinnesen from the military units that had seized control of the planet.

Ostensibly, the hearings were to determine whether or not Yang Wenli had harbored any personal ambitions to seize power for himself when he attacked Heinnesen, and whether or not his destruction of Heinnesen's orbital defense satellites (the Artemis Necklace) was justified. In truth, these hearings were designed to threaten Yang Wenli and cow him into submission: the government feared that, with his abilities, reputation and popularity, Yang Wenli would pose a threat to their continued power.

The hearings were called off when the Galactic Empire launched a suprise attack on Iserlohn Fortress.

Famous quotes[]

"Admiral, you're an excellent man, but you're still young. It seems you don't really understand the true nature of war... Peace and freedom, lacking a sense of tension, cause people to degenerate. It's a war that gives people a sense of vitality. War is what makes civilizations advance, and psychologically elevates people! Prolonged periods of peace and freedom will only decrease the vitality in an already decadent age. Doesn't your precious history prove that?"

"A...are you implying that our patriotism is false?!"

"And we're the parasites!?" (Yang Wenli: "Can you have heard it any other way?")

"This unjustifiable contempt and rudeness exceeds the bounds of imagination!"

"...We can't decide this on our own. We have to wait for Chairman Truniht's decision...."

"You have a duty and a responsibility to obstruct enemy invasions!" (Yang Wenli: "I do, but I've been kept pitifully far from the front lines, subjected to an inquiry, and I might even be fired because of my attitude. What in the world becomes of the inquiry?") "The inquiry is suspended! As National Defense Chairman, I hereby order you! Go at once to Iserlohn, take command and counterattack!"