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The capital city of the Free Planets Alliance from UC 527 to UC 800, it became the capital of the New Imperial State of Neu Land in UC 800 or Year 2 of the New Calendar upon the dissolution of the Alliance by the victorious New Empire.

Heinessenpolis in the last years of the War.


Heinessenpolis was founded in the very early days of the Alliance's existence by the displaced imperial citizens who had made landfall on Heinessen and created the nation. It first served as their main camp, and later as their main industrial hub as the fast-growing Alliance population claimed the planet for themselves. It became the central administrative city of the growing stellar, and then interstellar, nation.

Before or during the War with the Empire, Heinessenpolis also became the central military administrative hub and marshalling grounds, with the massic Strategic Headquarters and its adjacent military shuttle transportation hub.

By the end phase of the War, Heinessenpolis was a vast, highly industrialized metropolis with a population numbering into the millions.

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