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Hans Eduard Bergengrün was an Imperial Admiral who originally served under Siegfried Kircheis.

Initially distrustful of Kircheis, Bergengrün eventually accepted the young admiral after witnessing him end the Kastrop Rebellion with only a single casualty.

After the death of Kircheis, Bergengrün served under Oskar von Reuenthal. He remained loyal to Reuenthal during his rebellion. Distraught over the loss of Reuenthal, the second time he lost a great superior, Admiral Bergengrün committed suicide.

He was known to be friends with fellow soldier, Volker Axel von Buro.

First Appearance: 005 - "The Kastrop Rebellion"


"Yeah, I'm drunk. Do you think I want to die sober?"

"'Let's add another trinket to the chain,' is it?"

"A commander who's actually good?"