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The Goldenbaum Dynasty ruled over the Galactic Empire for 489 years, through the reigns of thirty-seven Kaisers, or emperors. When the Goldenbaum Dynasty fell in the 489th Imperial Year, it was succeeded by Reinhard von Lohengramm's Goldenlohen Dynasty.

The capital of the Goldenbaum Dynasty's government was Sanssouci Palace, on the planet Odin.

Under the Goldenbaum Dynasty, the social hierarchy of the Galactic Empire was rigidly divided between the nobility and peasantry. At the start of his empire, Rudolph von Goldenbaum screened the people for "genetic purity" with the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act. Those he found worthy, were admitted into the newly-formed aristocracy and would, through bloodright, serve as the ruling class of the Galactic Empire for nearly five centuries. The Empire under the Goldenbaum Dynasty was a harsh, totalitarian state. Purges, state executions, and general oppression was the order of the day. Civil rights and liberties simply did not exist, as the Kaiser--and, by extension, the nobility--were imbued with near-absolute power.


1st Kaiser Rudolph I (Rudolph the Great) Imperial Year 1-42
2nd Kaiser Sigismund I Imperial Year 42-??
3rd Kaiser Richard I
4th Kaiser Otofried I
5th Kaiser Kasper
6th Kaiser Julius
7th Kaiser Sigismund II
8th Kaiser Otofried II
9th Kaiser August I
10th Kaiser Erich I
11th Kaiser Richard II
12th Kaiser Otto Heinz I
13th Kaiser Richard III Imperial Year 2??-247
14th Kaiser August II (The Blood-Maker) Imperial Year 247-253
15th Kaiser Erich II (The Blood-Stopper) Imperial YEar 253-???
16th Kaiser Friedrich I
17th Kaiser Leonhard I
18th Kaiser Friedrich II
19th Kaiser Leonhard II Imperial Year ???-324
20th Kaiser Friedrich III (The Defeated) Imperial Year 324-331
21st Kaiser Maximilian Josef I Imperial Year 331-3??
22nd Kaiser Gustav (The Hundred Day King)
23rd Kaiser Maximilian Josef II (The Seer, The Rebuilder)
24th Kaiser Kornelias I
25th Kaiser Manfred I
26th Kaiser Helmut
27th Kaiser Manfred II (The Exiled)
28th Kaiser Wilhelm I
29th Kaiser Wilhelm II
30th Kaiser Kornelias II
31st Kaiser Otofried III
32nd Kaiser Erwin Josef I
33rd Kaiser Otofried IV (The Blackmailer)
34th Kaiser Otto Heinz II
35th Kaiser Otofried V Imperial Year ???-452
36th Kaiser Friedrich IV Imperial Year 452-487
37th Kaiser Erwin Joseph II Imperial Year 487-489
38th Kaiser Catherine Imperial Year 489-490