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Kaiser Friedrich von Goldenbaum IV was the thirty-sixth Kaiser of the Goldenbaum Dynasty


Friedrich von Goldenbaum IV was the youngest son of Otofried V. He had nine brothers and sisters, all of whom died.

He had at least six mistresses apart from his empress. One of whom was Annerose von Grünewald.

In Imperial Year 452, Otofried V's eldest son, Crown Prince Richard von Goldenbaum IV, was implicated in a plot to assassinate Kaiser Otofried V, and executed. Later that year, it was discovered that Richard had been innocent, and his younger brother, prince Clementz von Goldenbaum had framed him. Clementz died in an accident while attempting to flee to the Free Planets Alliance.

With six different women -- some of whom had difficult childbirths -- he had conceived twenty-eight times. Six miscarried, nine were still born, four died before their first birthday, five died before reaching adulthood, and two had died as adults (One of whom was Ludwig von Goldenbaum). The two that remained were his daughters Amalie von Braunschweig and Christine von Littenheim.

With that history, he feared impregnating any of his other mistresses and losing them through the difficulties of childbirth.

Both Amalie & Christine had one daughter each. Ludwig von Goldenbaum had left a son Erwin Josef II. He would become the Crown Prince once he came of age.


Being the youngest son, he never intended (or prepared) to take the throne. Even as his brothers died, he had little interest in politics. When his father died later that year, Friedrich chose to leave the matters of government to his Prime Minister, Klaus von Lichtenlade and immerse himself in the decadence that the throne could offer.

Friedrich IV's unwillingness to properly govern the Galactic Empire resulted in several revolts against Imperial rule, such as the Kastrop Rebellion, and eventually his inability to designate an heir led people to speculate that he wanted Reinhard von Lohengramm to earn the throne beacuse of taking his sister away from him served as the catalyst for the Imperial Civil War. Prime Minister Klaus von Lichtenlade and Reinhard von Lohengramm supported the only eligible male heir, Erwin Joseph II, but most of the High Nobles supported Elizabeth von Goldenbaum, Friedrich IV's eldest daughter, instead.

The ensuing civil war brought about the eventual collapse of the Goldenbaum Dynasty. Though the dynasty would see two additional Kaisers of the Goldenbaum line after Friedrich's death, they were both children. Friedrich IV was the last "true" Goldenbaum Kaiser, and his inaction ensured the doom of his empire.

Famous quotes[]

"As with the genesis of the human race, there's no reason for the existence of the Goldenbaum dynasty. Just as there is no immortal person, I'm afraid there is also no indestructible nation. The evil truth may be that the Galactic Empire will die out in my era. At any rate, if it is to be destroyed, it should be destroyed as magnificently as possible."