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A high admiral in the Imperial Fleet serving under Reinhard von Lohengramm. His taciturn nature earned him the nickname "Silent Admiral."

In battle he uses hand signals and gestures to issue commands.

Military Service[]

Eisenach first appeared in Operation Ragnarok. It was later shown in the gaiden stories that he was the captain of a ship which supplied Commander Reinhard's destroyer. He participated in the battle of Vermillion, and remains in service at the close of the story.

He would play an important role in the battle of Marr Addetta, as he helped to take out most of the Alliance fleet.

His most significant maneuver came in the battle of starzone Shiva, where he nearly wiped out the entirety of the Thirteenth fleet along with Fritz Josef Bittenfeld. In that maneuver, his fleet caused significant damage to the Flagship Hyperion, killing off Admiral Merkatz.

Personal life[]

Eisenach is married.

Outside of Battle, Eisenach rarely ever speaks, however, on one occasion, after the assault on Phezzan, playing a solo 3-D Chess game, Eisenach utters the word "Checkmate" out loud, startling his fellow admirals

"That's the first time I've heard his voice!"

"I had no idea, he can speak?"

-Neidhart Muller and Fritz Josef Bittenfeld's reaction to Hearing Eisenach speak