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Ernest Mecklinger (Japanese: エルネスト・メックリンガー) was an Imperial high admiral, serving under Reinhard von Lohengramm.

Military Service[]

The earliest Mecklinger is seen is as a commodore, serving as Admiral Reinhard's chief of staff at the Fourth Battle of Tiamat.

Personal Life[]

Mecklinger is known for his fondness of the arts and history and was a noted scholar. He later wrote a series of essays evaluating the various Admirals and Commanders of his time. Among other things he concluded that Reinhard was the overall best commander and Yang Wenli being more of a strategist than a fighter. He also criticised Bittenfeld's actions during a fire at Reinhard's temporary residence, in which Bittenfeld rescued Reinhard but did not rescue countless historically valuable works of art.

It was also noted that Mecklinger was the one who most enjoyed Reinhard's attempts to embrace the preforming arts and other such things outside of war.