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Admiral Dwight Greenhill is the Investigation Chief of the Free Planets Alliance Fleet. He is the father of Frederica Greenhill. He was one of the few military leaders to recognize Yang Wen Li's talent, but he did little to show open support.

After the FPA failed its invasion of the empire and the losses at Amlitzer, many in the military, including Greenhill, were disgruntled by the civilian leadership. Their disenchantment united with encouraged from former POW Arthur Lynch. Greenhill is a longtime friend of Lynch, and so was partial to Lynch's opinions despite Lynch's failings at El Facil. Greenhill formed the National Salvation Military Council to overthrow the civilian government, and enacted martial law. His coup took early success, gaining over half of the FPA's surviving forces. However, his coup crumbled because of incompetence and Yang Wen Li's resistance. His plan to assassinate Yang Wen Li not only failed, but the very assassin, Commander Bagdashu, publicly announced that the coup was a subversion by Reinhard von Lohengramm. This, combined with the massacre of protestors at a rally, destroyed the council's public relations. Most of the council forces defected to Yang Wen Li's side, leaving the council stranded on Heinnessen. Greenhill was ready to admit defeat when Yang Wen Li destroyed the Artemis Necklace. Lynch confessed that he instigated the coup under Lohengramm's orders, then murdered Greenhill.

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