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Dusty Attenborough (487)

Dusty Attenborough (Japanese: ダスティ・アッテンボロー) is an admiral serving in the 13th Fleet of the Free Planets Alliance, under Yang Wenli, and later a commander in the Iserlohn Republic. Attenborough was a close friend of Yang Wenli, and is the youngest admiral in FPA history.

Military service with the FPA[]

A long-time friend of Yang Wenli, Dusty Attenborough first met Yang sometime after graduating from the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy, and served together with Yang during both the Battle of Legnica and the Fourth Battle of Tiamat. During the Battle of Tiamat, Dusty was one of three other men who chose to accompany Yang Wenli on a daring diversionary maneuver, one that ultimately led to the successful retreat of the FPA navy from the Tiamat Starzone. After the battle of Astate, Attenborough became a staff advisor under newly-appointed admiral Yang Wenli and the 13th Fleet.

Dusty Attenborough would continue to serve directly under Yang Wenli for most of the major battles of that era, including the Fifth Battle of Tiamat that culminated in the bloodless capture of Iserlohn Fortress.

Military Service with the Iserlohn Republic[]


Famous quotes[]

"We're doing this revolutionary war out of foppery and whim. Got that?"