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Cornelius Lutz was an admiral in the Imperial Fleet serving under Reinhard von Lohengramm.

Military Service[]

Cornelius Lutz first met Reinhard in 483 Imperial Calendar when he was a Lieutenant-Commander, when he taught Reinhard how to properly fire a dueling pistol.

Lutz was one the many admirals who was named to serve under Reinhard von Lohengramm upon Reinhard's promotion to High Admiral. Lutz's first major battle was the battle of Amlitzer Starzone. During the Lippstadt Rebellion, he served alongside Siegrfried Kircheis and August Samuel Wahlen in the battle of Kifeuser.

He played a major Role in Operation Ragnarock. After the alliance fleet evacuated the fortress, Lutz was sent in to check the Fortress for any explosives that could destroy the fortress. Later on though, he would fall for Yang's trickery, as he and his fleet were lured out of the iserlohn Fortress, only for the Yang Fleet to re-capture it, and destroy a good portion of Lutz' fleet with the Thor Hammer.

Lutz was injured in a Terraist bombing on Phezzan and expressed a wish to marry a nurse he met while recovering. He was without a specific assignment after the move of the capital to Phezzan although he continued to attend conferences along with the other senior admirals.

Lutz died on Uruvasi in 800 SC when a large scale attempt was made to kill Reinhard. Escaping on foot through a burning forest towards the Brunhild, their party was pursued by soldiers and Lutz insisted on remaining behind to cover the escape of the others, refusing to have anyone accompany him. Shot first in the arm and then in the head as he watched the Brunhild take off, he continued to resist until a burning tree branch knocked him to the ground.

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