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The Barbarossa was the personal flagship of Fleet admiral Siegfried Kircheis. It was decommissioned upon his death.

Military Service[]


Originally, Kircheis was to be given a ship of the same design as Reinhard von Lohengramm's flagship, the Brunhild. Determining that it would be better if Reinhard's ship were unique, Kircheis has his ship modified into a startlingly different vessel. Thus the Brunhild's sister ship looks dramatically different. Like the Brunhild, the Barbarossa's design emphasized speed and mobility over raw firepower.

The ship was named Barbarossa after the nickname of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick I, who reigned from CE 1150 to CE 1190.

Mechanical Details[]

Length: 986 meters.

Width: 257 meters.

Height: 231 meters.

Armament: 6 forward cannons; 9 port cannons; 9 starboard cannons.



The Barbarossa was decommisioned after the death of Siegfried Kircheis. Following the death of Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm, the Barbarossa was permanently moored at Dock Two at Odin, where it would become a museum/monument to Kircheis's military prowess. Odin's Dock One moored the Brunhild, the white flagship commanded by Reinhad von Lohengramm himself. The proximity of these two warships mirrors the deep friendship between Reinhard and Kircheis.