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The Ba‘alat Starzone (Japanese: バーラト星系) is a starzone in the Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy. It contains at least six planets, of which two of them are known, namely the fourth planet Heinessen and the sixth planet Srinagar. In particular, the planet Heinessen served as the capital of the Free Planets Alliance and after its dissolution in 800 uc, Neue Land. The Treaty of Ba‘alat, which concluded the first Alliance–Imperial War in 799 uc, was named after this starzone.


Name variations[]

  • Ba'alat Starzone (LOGH Encyclopedia Database)
  • バーラト星系 (Derived from LD/DVD dialogue — Japanese)
  • Barret (CentralAnime subtitles)
  • Barlat (CentralAnime subtitles)