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The Artemis Necklace is a planetary-defense network, composed of a large number of small, spherical satellites orbitting a planet in a ring.

Each station is shaped like a "bead," hence the name. Similar in nature to giant fortresses of Geiersburg or Iserlohn, the Artemis satellites are essentially powerful anti-ship cannons .

The Artemis Necklace is most famous as the last line of defense for the planet Heinnesen, capital of the Free Planets Alliance. However, elements in Phezzan also sold an Artemis Necklace to Maximilian von Kastrop, where it was constructed in orbit of the planet Kastrop.

The Kastrop Necklace was destroyed durring the Kastrop Rebellion by rear admiral Siegfried Kircheis: highly combustible Zephyr Particles were spread around the satellites, destroying them when they opened fire. Yang Wenli later destroyed the Heinnesen Necklace, by ramming each of the individual satellites with asteroids.