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Archival image of Arle Heinessen

Arle Heinessen is known as the founder of the Free Planets Alliance, and occupies a near-mythological role as a symbol for democracy and republican government.


In Imperial Year 164, Arle Heinessen had been forced into a life of hard labor as a serf ( on the seventh planet in the Altair star system.

According to legend, one day Arle Heinessen saw children playing with ice bots on the water and had an idea. There was an inexhaustible supply of natural dry ice on Altair 7, more than enough material for the construction of a space ship. By hollowing out a space 122 kilometers in length, Heinessen and his fellow serfs extracted massive amounts of ice from inside. The enormous caverns they created offered more than enough room for both engines and people. 400,000 men and women boarded this frozen space ship, the Ion Fazekath, and were able to escape Altair 7 and hide their ship on a remote planetoid in the Altair system, far from the Empire's watchful gaze, where they set about constructing 80 interstellar starships.

Upon completion of the Exodus Fleet, Arle Heinessen and his people left Imperial Territory, heading beyond the deep frontier into unexplored space. The journey was very difficult, but eventually Heinessen discovered what would later be called the Iserlohn Corridor, which became their path to freedom. Unfortunately, Arle Heinessen died while the fleet was passing through the Iserlohn Corridor.


After Arle Heinessen died, leadership of the exodus fleet passed to his friend, Guen Kim Hoa. When the Exodus Fleet finally discovered a habitable planet, the planet was named Heinessen in honor of Arle Heinessen, and the Free Planets Alliance was founded, according to Arle Heinessen's political ideals.

The Free Planets Alliance would endure for the next three centuries, and Arle Heinessen would become a symbol of republican government, democratic principles, and the unending struggle against tyranny.