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Alfred Grillpalzer was an Admiral that Served under Helmut Lennenkamp, but was later granted his own fleet and flagship, the Eistla, along with his friend Bruno Von Knapfstein. Alfred is known for his Geographical prowess and has been nicknamed "The explorer admiral" by his peers .

Military Sevice[]

Alfred is first seen along with Admiral Lennenkamp during the Ninth Iserlohn Offensive, however, his role in this battle was relatively miniscule.

His first Major Battle would come at the Battle of Marr-Adetta Starzone, unfortunately his lack of experience shown through as his fleet was crushed by the asteroids in the star system, and he was forced to retreat.

After the Uruvasi incident, he was sent by Ruenthal to investigate. He did find evidence that pointed to the whole incident being an assault by terran Forces, however he decided to conceal it, and thus the rebellion took place.

Before the Rebellion, he met with Knapfstein to devise a plan to betray Oskar von Reuenthal in the heat of the battle, so that they could hopefully get the Kaiser's attention as being heroes of this battle

however, when the battle began, disaster Struck, as Knapfstein was obilterated by Wolfgang Mittermeyer's fleet, and Grillpalzer found himself stuck in a predicament as to whether or not he would change sides.

Eventually, he crossed over and fired a barrage of charges that detonated on Ruenthal's Flagship (Tristan), which caused part of the cieling to cave in and ultimately kill him.

After the battle, Grillpalzer was interrogated by Ernest Mecklinger, and was charged with concealing evidence, mutiny and murder. He was stripped of his admirality and presumably executed.