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Adalbert von Fahrenheit was a High Admiral in the Imperial Fleet. Under the Lohengramm regime he reached the rank of High Admiral and was the first officer of that rank to die, post-humously promoted to Fleet Admiral.

Military service[]

A young admiral known for his offensive abilities, Adalbert von Fahrenheit served under admiral Willibald Joachim von Merkatz in the Lippstadt Rebellion. After the death of Prince Otto Rhevon Braunschweig and the end of the Imperial Civil War, admiral Merkatz persuaded Fahrenheit to surrender. Fahrenheit was brought before Reinhard von Lohengramm, and was allowed to retain his position as vice admiral in Reinhard's fleet due to his excellent abilities. Thereafter, Fahrenheit loyally served Reinhard.

Fahrenheit admitted to holding back in his performance so as not to arouse the ire of his superiors. Consequently, the Goldenbaum leaders considered him useless and insubordinate. In the Lohengramm camp, his fleet rivals the Black Lancers in offensiveness.

Alongside Bittenfeld, Fahrenheit was sent to cut off Yang from exiting the Iserlohn Corridor. When their fleets were trapped in the close confines of the Corridor by a heavy crossfire across the exit, Fahrenheit ordered his flagship to the rear and covered a retreat, allowing many ships to escape. Mortally wounded, he chose to remain and die aboard the crippled ship rather than join his crew's evacuation.